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Islands: Short Stories

Islands: Short Stories

Keki N. Daruwalla

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Islands: short stories by keki n daruwalla consists of a series of short stories, all connected to islands and the sea. The author, throughout the book, tries to explain that every person has an island inside them, a place where its just them and their one and only true self. The author says that finding that island as well as leaving that island is tedious and rather impossible at times. Being alone as well as wanting to be alone, are both as difficult as each other. Keki n daruwalla uses words in an enchanting manner to tell stories of wisdom, irony, compassion and loneliness. Islands: short stories asserts that islands land masses are endowed with their own resources and behave like individual continents on their own, this is an exquisite miracle in the eyes of the author. The book contains many independent units that all act as part of a final big picture revealed towards the end ...