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Cafe Latte 18: Unusual Short Stories

Cafe Latte 18: Unusual Short Stories

Amit Shankar

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We are brought up listening to and reading stories, which make us form a clichéd framework of expectations and concepts about life. Café latte, takes you on a tantalizing foray into the unusual with some refreshing and some startling stories. A young man, bikash, is delivered a message through paranormal forces while waiting on the railway platform; a doctor snaps a young man back to life by promising to help him commit suicide. A poor boy, lokesh, dreams of people at a cinema night show perishing in a fire. Will his desperate attempts to save some lives succeed? the other side is the story of a nymphomaniac fighting her desperate craving for sex. smart tv showcases a smart sales performer, raj, buying his wife and daughter an expensive tv to cover his affair. code of honor is a poignant tale of an army jawaan and his last letter to his son who shuns the army. The stories cover ...