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Junglezen Sheru

Junglezen Sheru


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When the forest loses its royal family, the inhabitants elect kapi, a monkey, as their leader. Sheru, the orphaned lion cub, is adopted by muktak, the elephant, who strives to convince him that he is the rightful ruler of the forest. But sheru refuses to believe this. When kapi declares that everyone in the forest is equal and all creatures will be known as junglezen henceforth, sheru laps up the idea with enthusiasm and gets down to being a committed commoner. What follows is a hilarious account of the downward journey of the strong. The situation becomes catastrophic when the forest faces the danger of destruction by the marauding wolves. Junglezen sheru is a delightful fable centring on individuality, leadership and perfection. This thought provoking story also makes one pause to think about oneself and ones relation to society.