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Lesser Turned Pages

Lesser Turned Pages

K. V Singh

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Language: EnglishPages: 304About The Book Lesser Turned Pages of India is all about India, but with a difference. It does not deal with any particular aspect of India, rather touches many. What makes it different from hundreds of titles presently flooding bookshops is that it focuses on information lesser Known or unknown about India. The soul of the book, however, is its rare photographs, illustrations, copies of hard-to-see old documents, letters, etc. This book covers subjects like the great land of India, Indias cultural heritage, lost sciences and technologies of India, some less-Known facts of Indian history and Indian mythology. As one turns the pages of the book, one would discover many amazing facts about India. Some such facts may have appeared elsewhere but not in one single book, under one cover for the convenience and benefit of readers. People of all ages and professio...