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Indira Gandhi: A Political Biography (1966 - 1984) (Paperback)

Indira Gandhi: A Political Biography (1966 - 1984) (Paperback)

Benny Aguiar

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Twenty years after her death, study on Indira Gandhi still exercises an interest. A chronicle of the years between 1966 and 1984 during which, except for two or three years, Indira Gandhi was Indias Prime Minister. The book is a historical study of the tumultuous events in which Indira Gandhi played a dominant role. The author has tried to piece together these momentous events into an integral narrative so that it reads like a story Father Benny Aguiar delves into his memory to write about the period when Indira Gandhi dominated the Indian politics. Indira became the Prime Minister of India in 1966 and remained so, barring the period 1977-79, till her assassination in 1984. She had a colossal presence and the history of India of this period got closely interwoven with her story. It is in this sense that the book is important. It is not a historical record of events, which many other ...