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JP Movement - Emergency & Indias Second Freedom

JP Movement - Emergency & Indias Second Freedom

M.G. Devasahayam

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The country is reminded about JP today as never before. There is hopelessness and despair all around. Comuption has become a monster for social change. This book will guide and inspire those who want to become instruments of change. This book its about: The deep-dark period of autocracy (1975-77) in India imposed by a 58-year old Indira Gandhi. Those were months of draconian laws, extinguished freedom, Gestapo type arrests, severe press censorship, forced sterilization, impotency of intellectuals and abject surrender marked by terror of the minions and slavery of the elites that made India a fascist-type police state. The return of the sunlight of democracy due largely to the defiance of a 73-year old Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) popularly called Loknayak, a congenital democrat. Emergency was not merely the defeat of JP and his Movement against corruption, inflation and misrule, but that ...