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Mahatma Gandhis Letters On Brahmacharya Sexuality And Love

Mahatma Gandhis Letters On Brahmacharya Sexuality And Love

Girija Kumar

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Mohandas Kararnchand Gandhi was a celebrated letter writer. The most exciting portions of his writings (and responses to him) concern his women associates. Mahatma Gandhis Letters on Brahmacharya. Sexuality and Love dea Is with his cardinal principles of brahmacharya at par with satyagraha. A definitive work on human relations celibacy, sexuality and love, it reads like a confessional on the scale of St Augustin and Rousseau. The book deals with controversial experiments in brahrnacharya. There were more than a dozen women who came tube closely associated with Gandhiji at one time or the other that included Millie Polak, N/Aa Cram Cook. Mirabehn, Sushila Nayyar and Menu Gandhi. It is tus biography as well as the life-story of each one of them associated with him. Not to be mixed are the chapters relating to Sarla Devi. whom he claimed to be his "spiritual wife" and the failed romanc...