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From Ouch to Oops

From Ouch to Oops

RamG Vallath

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From ouch to oops is a humorous narrative of ramg vallaths life, a story of how he reinvented himself after being struck down by an incurable autoimmune disorder at the peak of his career.the disorder starts with tremors in his hands and deterioration of balance, but these conditions worsen rapidly and lead to a weakening of muscles and loss of dexterity in his fingers. His problems are compounded when he is asked to leave his job. His medicines are expensive and rife with side effects. But what is worse, they are mostly ineffective. However, in spite of the odds, he keeps his spirits high, being always the one to keep his team and family in high spirits.finally, he enrolls for a clinical trial in the us which can potentially cure him and the treatment is successful. He uses his experiences to create a unique motivational intervention for corporate employees and becomes a successful ...