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Dermocracy : 24 Tips for Indian Skin

Dermocracy : 24 Tips for Indian Skin

Sharad P. Paul

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Is it true that brown skin and hair-care regimens should just reverse all the prescriptions for white skin? Is gel better than foaming cleanser for shaving? How far does diet impact skin quality? Can moisturisers make your acne worse? Is brown skin more prone to sensitivity and pigmentation? Is there anything you can do about the circles or bags under your eyes? Shaving or waxing-whats better? What can you do about your oily scalp? Is it true that brown skin ages slowly? Can you slow down the ageing further? Sharad P. Paul, internationally renowned, award-winning cutaneous oncologist and skin surgeon, found in the course of his research that brown skin is not the same as white skin. But just as it sold Caucasian image as the beauty ideal, the multibillion-dollar cosmetics industry is also calibrated towards the care of white skin. Pauls research, fuelled by his passion for dermocracy-...