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Mohit Parikh

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He closes his eyes and finds todays date floating towards him. Shimmering in the darkness, swiveling like the text on the windows 95 screensaver. It seeps in through his forehead and gets absorbed. 23-04-98 is now a part of him. Todays date, a saturday, when the first sign of what he so eagerly awaited has appeared. It is the summer of 1998 in a sleepy indian town that is just awakening to the age of information and young manan has acquired his first official sign of puberty. The world around him, though, refuses to understand the magnitude of the moment. Instead, it teases him by offering all sorts of temptations, posing all sorts of quandaries. And it doesnt help that his friends are taller and larger than him, that his parents fight all the time that his sister no longer has time for him that the love of his life barely knows that he exists. With an earnest voice that is colorfu...