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Annie Zaidi

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It is a warm, muggy summers day. Nikunj is in a Muslim cemetery to attend Sairas burial. Saira, the long-lost love he has been looking for since the earthquake, even through all the years of his marriage, never sure what he would do if he found her. But what are Usman and Parmod doing at her grave? Who are these women - Gulab, Mumtaz - that lay claim to his Sairas resting place? This is a love story. But what sort of relationship can you have with a dead person, and what sort of future? Ghosts dont grow old. Or have children. We know that, dont we? But how do we know? If they can walk through walls and reclaim a body for themselves, perhaps they can cover that body with scars. Or stretch marks. In the afterlife, possibilities stretch into infinity. Why would they not grow bored of one man,one life? Gulab tests the limits that our mind sets upon a ghosts powers. If you see her as...