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A good life

A good life

Vandana Luthra

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Do you spend most of your days bound to a chair? does unwinding for you mean sitting in front of a tv? do you go out to dinner and end up eating much more than you intended to? for many of us, this is how we cope with the hectic pace of life today. But the time has now come to take stock of our lives. Worldwide, lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Lets take responsibility for our health before its too late. For nearly a quarter of a century now, vlcc has been providing scientific weight loss and body shaping solutions as well as skin and hair services to help individuals look good and feel great and improve their overall wellness quotient. A good life helps you understand why people suffer from obesity, diabetes, pcos, heart problems and myriad other diseases and demonstrates how a proper combination of a balanced diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and therapy can evoke a sense of we...