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Engglishhh: Fictional Dispatches from a Hyperreal Nation

Engglishhh: Fictional Dispatches from a Hyperreal Nation

Altaf Tyrewala

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Literacy is overrated. Books are for the young. The right tome at an early age can forever shape the course of a persons life. And the wrong books? the wrong books will keep you searching forever. Its these latter books that keep booksellers in the business. History has been rewritten. It is now hsstroy. Nothing will be the same again. Not even nothing, which is now noohing. Welcome to engglishhh: fictional dispatches from a hyperreal nation, an antidote to the worlds most inauspiciously spelled language. Compiled by a team of seventeen numerologists after years of fevered calculations, engglishhh contains more than 2, 00,000 english words respelled in accordance with ancient indo-puranic principles. Engglishhh cures the ill effects of english, bestowing on its users positive vibrations and fruitful karmic results.