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Maya s Revenge

Maya s Revenge

Deepika Ahlawat

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A saga of romance and revenge set in a Rajasthani palace When the young orphan Bindy enters the palace of oil rich Sheerpur as personal assistant to the princess, Riddhima, she is entranced and repulsed by the glamorous lives of twenty-first-century royalty, with their vast privilege and gleaming excess, their swanky cars and priceless jewels and retinues of obsequious, immoral servitors. Conspiracy theorist Adam Addison, her only friend in the intrigue-ridden palace, introduces Bindy to the legend of an ancient order of beautiful assassin yoginis who, it seems, have been contracted to murder the crown prince, Riddhiraj. This gorgeous prince, whose seductions are as numerous as they are uncaring, has nevertheless cast a over hapless Bindy, and stars prominently in her erotic dreams ...