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Jacob Hills

Jacob Hills

Ismita Tandon Dhanker

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An unloved woman is a soft target, anyone can hit her, have her. It s just another evening at the Tiller s Club. Near the bar, Capt. Rana, the Young Officer undergoing training at the War College stands among his course mates, consciously avoiding his pregnant, Muslim wife, Heena. Rumour has it she had forced him to marry her because of the baby. Saryu, village belle turned modern babe, drink in hand, chats up a YO. Her husband, Maj. Vikram Singh, shoots angry glances at her. She isn t bothered; the question is, who will she go home with tonight? Pam and Gary, the flamboyant Sikh couple, chat merrily with the senior officers, charming as ever. Who d ever guess that they lead the infamous Key Club, an underground swinger couples club. And in one corner stands the Anglo-Indian wife of Maj. George Chandy, Eva, who finds herself at the heart of a murder mystery when a woman s bleedin...