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Fourth Estate The Extras

Fourth Estate The Extras

Kiran Nagarkar

  • $ 1991

Ravan and eddie are back! theyve been mortal enemies since birth because of a bizarre family feud but now ravan and eddies lives converge as they share an obsession: having grown up in bombay, the city of dancing movie stars and glitzy glamour, both dream of strutting down the road to superstardom can ravan (a lowly taxi driver) and eddie (a bouncer-cum-bartender at a speakeasy) rise from their dusty cwd chawls to the glittering heights of international fame peopled by a cast of soul-searching drunks, some of the most memorable women in recent literature and ravans nemesis, three point one, the extras is much more than a book about bollywood or bombay outrageously exuberant in the telling and profoundly moving in its depiction of the big and small tragedies that shape our lives, the novel asks the reader to decide: are we protagonists and superstars or are we extras in that movie call...