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Jack Is Back in Corporate Carnival

Jack Is Back in Corporate Carnival

P. G. Bhaskar

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P.G. Bhaskars lines are packed with wit that ring with sincerity and spontaneity, eliciting some hearty laughs. He has an amazing ability to strike a chord despite the scene. - The New Indian Express Written with the financial crisis as a background, one might expect a heavy, sad tone, but it surprises us with its dealing of some sad times with its light-hearted treatment - New Global Indian Read it for the humour, for the quirkiness and to understand the wisdom of depositing Rs 5000 in a recurring account every month! - Tabla An ideal way to while away a lazy afternoon - When a former colleague offers Jack Patel and his best friend Kitch a job with a conservative British bank in Dubai, Jack has no qualms about taking it up. Solidity and stability are just what he is looking for. But changes are afoot at the bank. Power struggles within a complex and changing hierarc...