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A Tale of Things Timeless

A Tale of Things Timeless

Rizio Yohannan Raj

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A one-line suicide note left by a total stranger - small-time writer Avinash Suvarna - first intrigues and then reveals to young journalist Laya Thomas what it means to experience fear and abandon at once. It stirs her smouldering spirit and brings her face to face with the mysteries of living and the travails of creating ones masterpiece. The story of Avinashs life holds the answers to Layas existential dilemmas. For Avinash was someone who walked out on Time, struggling to reconcile his writing with his life and with the ugly realities around him. Laya must understand Avinash in order to rediscover herself. It is through Laya that he will be resurrected and rendered timeless. Following Laya Thomas and Avinash Suvarna on their intensely imaginative journeys, A Tale of Things Timeless is a deeply philosophical novel about the trials of a writer and the unexpected extraordinariness ...