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Jihad on Two Fronts: South Asias Unfolding Drama

Jihad on Two Fronts: South Asias Unfolding Drama

Dilip Hiro

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Key features deals with the rise of jihadist violence afflicting the indian subcontinent: a hotly debated issue of international importance given that india continues to be at the receiving end of terrorist activities, the book is of immense relevance the author is a veteran journalist and writer, with over thirty books to his name, including many critically acclaimed works on the indian subcontinent and the middle east about the book: jihad on two fronts: south asias unfolding drama since the partition of india in 1947, the history of the indian subcontinent has been hostage to endless conflicts between india, pakistan and afghanistan over the last decade and more, the region has borne the brunt of terrorist violence perpetrated by fundamentalist islamic groups which originated and thrived in afghanistan as a counterforce to the large presence of soviet troops in the 1980s jihadists ...