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Kiss That Frog!

Kiss That Frog!

Tracy and

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Negative thoughts and emotions are the number one reason people don?t fulfil their potential. The good news is that you have the power to change this. You can ?kiss? your negative frogs and transform them into positives. Use the simple but powerful methods and techniques in this book to turn every problem into a benefit and live a truly extraordinary life!. Bestselling author and speaker Brian Tracy and his daughter, therapist Christina Tracy Stein, present a step-by-step plan that addresses the root causes of negativity, helps you uncover blocks that have become mental obstacles, and shows how you can transform them into stepping-stones to achieve your fullest potential. The book distills, in an accessible and immediately useful form, what Tracy has presented in more than 5,000 talks and seminars with more than five million people in fifty-eight countries and what Stein has learned t...