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Book Mine Series: Ramayana For Young Readers

Book Mine Series: Ramayana For Young Readers

Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury

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When anyone wishes to speak of a great ruler, they say, a king like ramaall is well in the prosperous and orderly kingdom of ayodhya until the greedy queen kaikeyi tricks king dashratha into sending his beloved eldest son and heir apparent, rama, into exile for fourteen years. The noble prince, accompanied by his brother lakshamana and wife sita, leaves for the forests. When sita is abducted by ravana, the demon-king of lanka, it triggers off a series of events starting with the search for her and culminating in the cataclysmic battle between rama and ravana. What unfolds in between is a remarkable tale of divine reincarnations, fierce demons, powerful kings, magical weapons and amazing creatures?all woven into the extraordinary and keystone indian epic of good and evil, love and enmity, boons and curses, hardship and destiny. These retelling of the ramayana, written especially for ...