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Hachette Indiapedia

Hachette Indiapedia

The All India Factfinder

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About the bookhachette indiapedia is a book that gives you all the information you could have ever wanted on india, whether it be history, geography, flora, fauna, economy, sports, or even popular cinema. If you have been struggling to find the right kind of information for your school projects, this book is your ideal reference guide, as it gives you all the information that is needed in just a single book. The book is made up of a number of sections, each of which caters to a specific field of information pertaining to india. All of this makes the book an ideal reference tool for essays, school projects, quizzes and much more. It also helps to enhance the general knowledge skills of a child. The book has a special section that gives you information on 100 extraordinary things about india. Apart from this, it covers several topics, which include a brief introduction to india and nati...