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Elephant Catchers; The. Key lessons for breakthrough growth

Elephant Catchers; The. Key lessons for breakthrough growth

Bagchi and

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About the book hunting for a rabbit can be an easy task. All that is needed is the energy to chase for one. But trapping an elephant takes time, planning and the right skill. Subroto bagchi, the author of the book, uses this analogy to talk about the growth of a start-up company. Elephant catchers: the key lessons for breakthrough growth is a book that deals with why companies that start brilliantly fail to make a transformational growth in their further phases. The book is enriched with anecdotes and analogies which is a result of the authors years of experience. The crucial point of bagchi is that, in order for an ambitious start-up company to get on top, the company needs to embrace the idea of scaling and spread it to every aspect of the organization. The process of scaling should be implemented on areas like the organizations infrastructure, brand identity, locating and obtaini...