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Diva Green : A Vegetarian Cook Book

Diva Green : A Vegetarian Cook Book

Ritu Dalmia

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Language: EnglishPages: 224 (Throughout Color Illustrations)IntroductionI was born in a vegetarian household and grew up with only vegetarian food, so technically this should have been my first book. When I wrote Italian Khana and Travelling Diva, my mother was proud of me, but never bothered to open either book because they were not vegetarian cookbooks. Now, finally, I have a book that will make her both proud and happy. Better late than never! Everyone in my family is fond of food, and along with our staple Indian food, we ate a lot of European, Middle Eastern and Asian food. The authenticity of the dishes was another story altogether, for they were normally prepared by the maharaj who followed the cookbooks given to him, substituting ingredients willy-N/Ay. The epitome of ‘continental food’ while I was growing up was macaroni baked with Amul cheese and vegetables.The day I starte...