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Man of a Thousand Chances

Man of a Thousand Chances

Tulsi Badrinath

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Harihar Arorar: second-generation north Indian in Madras. Museum curator, indifferent husband, indulgent father - and thief! Desperate to meet his beloved daughters wedding expenses, the otherwise honest harihar steals a rare gold coin minted by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and pawns it, with every intention of returning it after th wedding. However when he finds himself in a position to redeem it he learns that it has been melted down by the pawnbroker. What follows forces Harihar to re-address his place in the world and in his own marriage. Beneath the deceptively simple surface of a story about an ordinary man in a rather extraordinary fix, are questions about the workings of Karma, causality and the power of art, that offer profound matter for debate.