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London Company

Farrukh Dhondy

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The movements of people change the world. The currents of change are turbulent. You wanted me to write a history, but history is a smoothing of ripples. it is the sixties and britain is in the throes of a revolution with a difference. Recently graduated from cambridge university, full of mods, rockers, defiant young men with unkempt hair, and young women with the beginnings of the idea of a sexual revolution, farrukh and his girlfriend natasha come to london to make their living, quite unprepared for what the city holds for them. Turned away repeatedly - by landlords, wary of their racial origin and directing them to the part of town where indians live, and by bar owners keen to protect their local clientele - the defiant and indignant couple is drawn into a movement inspired by the american black panthers, claiming to fight for equal rights of minorities and all non-white immig...