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How to be a True Channel

How to be a True Channel

SWAMI KRIYANANDA (J. Donald Walters)

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Two organizations that consider themselves guided by the same spiritual master have developed so differently from one another that now they hardly seem to represent the same teaching. Self-realization fellowship has followed the well-trodden path of spiritual authority: power in the hands of a few, obedience for all the rest; governance by rules, the first of which is, "in every situation, ask yourself first, what is best for the organization?" ananda has chosen "the road less traveled": cooperation; decentralization; not taking oneself too seriously; and following twin principles of which the first is, "people are more important than things. " the second principle is, "where there is adherence to truth, there lie victory, happiness, and success of every kind"("yata dharma, sthata jaya,"in the sanskrit original) this book has two purposes: one, to restore to people a true and much-n...