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Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita

Kriyananda Swami

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Paramhansa yoganandas revelation of indias best-loved scripture brought an entirely fresh perspective. This present pocket edition?a "gita junior"?highlights the verses themselves, being limited to them almost entirely. They appear in fluent, correct, and contemporary english, making this book a "must-have" for the modern spiritual aspirant. In the introduction to chapter one, swamiji explains that although the gita is historical, it is not literal. Rather it is a deep spiritual allegory, woven upon a framework of history. The characters symbolize various psychological traits and latent states of consciousness that serve as essential reference points to develop the story. Each trait or aspect of consciousness plays an important role in the devotees struggle to rise above worldly delusion and reclaim his true state of union with god. Though small in size, this edition of the gita is...