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Be a Good Human

Be a Good Human

Tom Giaquinto

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A Handbook On Becoming The Best Human You Can BeTraits. Habits. Skills. Ideas. Strategies.Here is a complete character-building programme that can help you lead a happy and successful life!Ever wondered why some people are more popular than others? Or more respected and well liked? Ever wondered what you can do to make yourself more like them?Tom Giaquinto believes that the secret lies in two things: your attitude and, more importantly, in developing a daily awareness that will help you make the correct choices. This is what will actually help you in becoming the best human being you can possibly be.Containing inspirational quotes, day-to-day examples and loads of fun-facts for teenagers, young adults and grown-ups alike; this book is a must have for those who usually fight a little shy of self-help books in today`s instant informa-tion age!This book gives you invaluable tips on matte...