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Little Book Of Mind-Power

Little Book Of Mind-Power

Uri Geller

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Maximise your will to win the little book of mind-power reveals how you can develop and super-charge your own will to win. Every page you turn will energise you with a new confidence and determination. Its internationally celebrated author has been acclaimed for his phenomenal mind-power which can bend and twist spoons and repair clocks! as geller himself says, "in the world`s most famous laboratories, i have explored psychokinesis, telepathy, even teleportation - and i am convinced of one thing. I am not unique. We all have these powers. " now, uri geller teaches us how we can tap into the hidden strengths each one of us possesses and explore our highest individual potential. Pick up this little book to discover: uris 6 gifts from the gods top 10 secrets for beating set-backs the secret switch that turns off stress how positive thinking can overcome any obstacle how to super-charge ...