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Inside the Pakistan Army

Inside the Pakistan Army

C. Schofied

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On 2 May 2011 Pakistan General Ashfaq Kayani, the Chief of Army Staff, stood exposed before the world as either incompetent or complicit in harbouring a mass murderer. US Navy Seals had undertaken a major covert operation on Pakistan soil, killing Osama bin Laden under the noses of the Pakistan Army. Incredibly, bin Laden?s compound was on the doorstep of the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy, yet the first the Pakistanis knew of it was when the Americans picked up the phone some hours later. So is the Pakistan Army a reliable ally in the War on Terror? No other writer-Pakistani or foreign-can answer this critical question more clearly than Carey Schofield. No other writer knows these men better. For five years she traveled everywhere with them, witnessing operations, eating in the mess halls and speaking to everyone from President Parvez Musharraf down to the youngest soldier. In...