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Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Sagarika Ghose

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When Mia, acutely depressed by the suicide of her father, meets Karna, a young Indian guru who seems to have walked straight out of her fathers painting of the Kumbh Mela, she feels compelled to follow him all the way from London to India. And if marrying Vik, the suave corporate, will help her reach him, then so be it ... In India, Mia hears of Indi, Viks accomplished, inordinately attractive mother who cannot cease raging against the limits imposed on her, by her blindness, her beauty, and her clinging son. To make sense of Indis anguished attempts to break free, and her own journey chasing a duplicitous love, Mia must travel to the Kumbh, to the heart of her fathers painting, where life, she learns, allows another perspectivea stunningly beautiful account of lifes distorted perceptions: of reason that blinds, of hate that liberates and of love that strangles.