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Russian for Dummies

Russian for Dummies

Andrew Kaufman

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Russian for dummies, 2nd edition, offers new content while preserving the book's unique qualities that customers appreciate. This edition features 25 percent new and revised content including:a revamped, user-friendly organizationa fully updated and expanded audio cd with real-life conversations by native speakersexpanded coverage of grammar, verb conjugations and pronunciationsa refreshed and expanded mini-dictionary complete with even more essential vocabularymore useful exercises and practice opportunitiesall new content devoted to the cyrillic alphabettable of contents:introduction part i: getting started chapter 1: russian in a nutshell chapter 2: checking out the russian alphabet chapter 3: warming up with russian grammar basics chapter 4: getting started with basic expressions chapter 5: getting your numbers, times and measurements straight chapter 6: speaking russian at home p...