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Accidental Genius

Accidental Genius

Mark Levy

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When it comes to creating ideas, we hold ourselves back .thats because inside each of us is an internal editor whose job is to forever polish our thoughts, so we sound smart and in control and so that we fit into society. But what happens when we encounter problems where such conventional thinking fails us? how to get unstuck? free writing is deceptively simple, start writing as fast as you can, for as long as you can, about a subject you care deeply about, while ignoring the standard rules of grammar and spelling. Your internal editor wont be able to keep up with your output and will be temporarily shunted into the background. Youll now be able to think more honestly and resourcefully than before and will generate breakthrough ideas and solutions that you couldnt have created any other way. Levy shares six free writing secrets designed to knock out your editor and let your genius...