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Bob Marley: A Life (Caribbean Lives)

Bob Marley: A Life (Caribbean Lives)

Garry Steckles

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One of the twentieth centurys most iconic cultural figures, Bob Marley was responsible for popularizing reggae music throughout the world. He set attendance records that still stand today and his 1977 Exodus album was hailed by Time magazine as the greatest of the 20th Century. His unique blend of politically conscious lyrics and unforgettable melodies won him legions of fans far beyond the Caribbean. But Marley was no mere pop star: his strong attachment to Rasta beliefs and practices and his fierce hostility to the injustice of "Babylon" made him an important spokesperson for the dispossessed all over the globe. In this new biography, Garry Steckles follows Marleys eventful life through the early days in rural Jamaica, arrival in Kingston, first recordings and performances to his spectacular status as an international superstar. Throughout he analyzes Marleys political and religi...