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Chakras : Energy Centers of Transformation

Chakras : Energy Centers of Transformation

Harish Johari

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The book chakras: energy centers of transformation by the famous tantra practitioner and indian scholar harish johari comprises of full-colour illustrations of the chakras that should be used along with the meditation exercises which have been covered in the book the book also covers all the tools that are essential for activating the centers of transformative energychakras are the active psychic centres in the human body irrespective of whether one is conscious of them or not different psychic states are produced as energy moves through the chakras in this book, the author begins by introducing the fundamental principles of chakras, as well as how they can be practically applied in todays worldin this revised and expanded edition, which is complemented by new text and art, harish johari uncovers the enigma of these subtle centers of transformation with techniques of visualization tha...