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Empire of the Moghul Ruler India

Empire of the Moghul Ruler India

Alex Rutherford

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Empire Of The Moghul: Ruler Of The World is the third book in the globally celebrated bestselling book series. This book starts off from where its predecessor ended and progresses with the tale of the victorious Moghul dynasty and its Emperor Akbar. The book reveals how the triumphant empire contained the seeds to its own annihilation.Empire Of The Moghul: Ruler Of The World describes the reign of Akbar over almost one sixth of the global population, which placed him above Queen Elizabeth I in the power sweepstakes. He is presented as immensely wealthy and ruthless to the point of being despotic. His empire is shown as resting on the contrary forces of respect for all religions and unfathomable bloodshed resulting from his Asian conquests. The empire spread over most of Asia, manned by thousands of soldiers, elephants and other war devices. The book starts with the fourteen year old E...