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Nicholas Sparks

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The choice is a romantic novel by nicholas sparks. Travis parker had everything a man could want and lived a complacent, happy life.travis parker had a satisfying job, a group of truehearted friends, and to complete his enviable lifestyle, he even had a waterfront home in a small town in north carolina. It was travis belief that relationships and commitments are nothing but absolute pretenses, disguised in the name of marriages. He was content with a life of boating, swimming, and regular barbeque partying. Life took a turn for travis with the arrival of his new neighbour, gabby holland. Travis recurrent friendly gestures are unreciprocated by gabby who, for some quirky reason, was always miffed with him. Inspite of travis persistent attempts to keep in good spirits with his new neighbour, there were no signs of improvement. The presence of gabbys long-term boyfriend, with whom s...