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The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power [Revised/Expanded Edition]

The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power [Revised/Expanded Edition]

Joseph Murphy and

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Simple techniques for gaining what we desire in life. Happiness and success are goals we all strive for. But how do we achieve these goals, and how do we protect ourselves if we fail? The answer lies within the power of the mind. Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the world’s best-known authorities on the power of the subconscious mind, shows readers not only how to unleash this power, but how to harness it and effectively use it to change their lives. Fully updated to reflect the sensibilities of the 21st century, this revised edition of a self-help classic is the key to overcoming the psychological barriers that stand in the way of greater material, spiritual, and emotional wealth. The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power, Revised and Expanded 125,000 copies sold in its first edition Murphy provides revolutionary mind-focusing techniques that have helped countless thousands discover the laws of...