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Birds of the Indian Subcontinent

Birds of the Indian Subcontinent

Richard Grimmett and

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214 color plates. This new field guide is based on the authors' groundbreaking Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (1998) and covers all the bird species found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives. The plates face the descriptions and maps for quick at a glance reference. Many of the plates have been repainted for this edition and a number of new species added. This guide also provides tables, summarising identification features of particularly difficult groups such as nightjars, warblers and rose finches. Covers every species recorded in the subcontinent Portable, single-volume format, with plates opposite text and maps for easy reference Concise species accounts highlight the key identification features of every bird recorded in the region New, fully updated, full-colour maps for all species