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The Complete Nicholas Sparks Collection

The Complete Nicholas Sparks Collection


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The Complete Nicholas Sparks Collection brings fans of romance fiction a box set to set their hearts aflame. Summary of the Books The Notebook An old man reads to his wife from a notebook, reminding her of their life together. Message in a Bottle A young divorcee begins to look at love and life anew when she finds a message in a bottle on the beach. A Walk to Remember Two teenagers fall in love despite the differences in their personalities and beliefs. However, it is a love that is not meant to be. The Last Song A young girl reconnects with her father through their shared love of music. The Lucky One A former U.S. Marine searches for a woman whose photograph he found half-buried in the dirt, believing her to be his lucky charm. The Guardian A woman tries to escape the clutches of her husband, an intelligent man who obsesses over her and wants to kill her. True Believer A sceptical in...